Poll - Are you Happy with the Design & overall look of Niyo IDFC Debit Card?

Are you happy with the design & overall look of Niyo IDFC debit card?

  • Yes
  • No

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Hi @ssrivastava,

I already posted regarding the poor quality of Debit Card yesterday in this community.

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Hi @Alan_Abraham,
I too am not very pleased with the overall look of the card. To make sure I am not the only one, I started the poll. If more people are displeased I am sure Niyo will take note.


@prathamnawal & other Niyo admins, please take note of this poll. Many users do not seem to be happy with the overall look of the Niyo IDFC debit card.

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Hey, @ssrivastava Thanks for putting up a poll for this. We are taking note of this feedback and have already escalated that to the team responsible for the design. Let us know if there are any other concerns apart from this.

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It should be like as shown in ads tap to pay with visa

Since Niyo has taken note of the poll and initiated steps for change in design of the card, the poll has served its purpose and is being closed now. Thank you everyone for your spirited response.