Please give an Automated Saving Option

Hey This is Kaushik. Using This App from 1 Month and the experience was mind blowing. Hey if possible please give an Everyday Automated saving option for the users so that they can spend that money for other needs and also no need to worry about it everyday . For me it would be so helpful.
My Example i will have a lot of transactions every month and i want to buy an Sony Xm4 but it was priced 24k so every day if i spend 200 rs onto my savings account i would get it within 3 to 4 months so it would be so helpful for someone.

Hey @Kaushikmaddula! That’s a great idea. :astonished:

We’ll definitely forward this to our product team and see if can add this cool feature to our app in future updates. Share such great ideas here and we pick the best in the possible circumstances.