Please allow crypto transactions

I want niyo to allow transactions on crypto websites.
Please provide info on this.

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Hi Saurabh, do you mean you want to use the Niyo card to buy crypto-currencies on external websites? If you can let us know which website then we will look into it for you. :slight_smile:

I want to use niyo global card on,
These are the world’s most trusted crypto websites.
I also intend to use on other websites but as of now these 2 are fine

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Thanks Saurabh for the info! Will relay this back to the team and let you know when we have something to share :slight_smile:

Hi Saurabh! Sorry for the delayed reply, somehow missed it completely!
So the reason you can’t use your niyo global card on these bitcoin websites is that they are on the negative list of merchants as decided by the bank’s risk and compliance team (in this vase DCB). We have little control over it but we can pass this feedback on to the bank and hope they reconsider.

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Allow to cripto , nice movement

Yes please enable Banking service for cryptocurrencies… Supreme court removed banking ban