Planning to use abroad

I am yet to get niyo sbm but as a former niyo idfc user i have seen the partnerships broken very quickly. I just want to know could i rely on this card while going abroad that it won’t have any transaction failures? I have read a lot of comments in the community that they have faced issues paying or withdrawing money from arm. Have these issues been fixed? What are the charges associated with this card? Is it Life Time Free? Could i use it as my only Forex card or is it to risky and still in beta? What happens if niyo and sbm partnership breaks like the idfc one what happens to the users?

I hope the se questions would be answered as it will be helpful for me to make an informed decision. The card definitely looks very interesting.

I am a previous niyo idfc user and after a couple of months, the partnership ended. I am thinking of getting Niyo SBM card but i have a couple of questions, which I hope will be answered by this community.

  1. How reliable is the card to do transactions abroad pos and atm considering the complaints in this community? Can I rely on a single niyo card for my foreign trip?
  2. Are there any extra charges if only using pos and not atm?
  3. Forex rates are 0 but i have heard some people have complained of getting charged extra. Has the issue been solved?
  4. Is there any maintenance fee for the card or is it Life time free?

Answer to these questions will help me make an informed decision. Thanks for answering for those who do.

Hey @cricfreak007! Thanks for showing your interest in Niyo Global by SBM. :slightly_smiling_face:

It was unfortunate that Niyo’s partnership with IDFC has ended. But we’ve never given up. We have launched two exciting and outstanding products which are Niyo Global by SBM and NiyoX.

Niyo Global by SBM is a full-fledged DIY bank account and mobile app with exciting features such as:

  • Zero Forex markup card
  • Full stack currency converter
  • Nearby ATM locator
  • Real-time transaction tracking
  • Enhanced Card Control
  • 24 x 7 in-app support
  • Tap & Pay debit card with Airport Lounge Access and Concierge Service (Powered by VISA Signature)
  • Up to 5% interest rates calculated on daily end the day balance

Now, let me try to help you with your queries:

  1. Niyo Global by SBM card can be used abroad for your international transactions where Visa cards are accepted. We strongly believe that this card meets all your personal transaction requirements.

  2. All your international transactions will be processed on live Visa Exchange rates. Swiping Machine & Ecom transactions do not have any other charges. For International ATM withdrawal and balance inquiry, you’d be charged ₹100 + GST. This is in addition to the ATM charges that any bank can charge you while using their ATM.

  3. We’ve launched the Beta version of the app and enhanced it a lot to improve and working round the clock to make it even better. We’ve resolved the issue in the best possible ways.

  4. There is no maintenance fee for Niyo Global by SBM card. It’s lifetime free.

For any further help, you may reach out to us and I’m happy to help you.


Thanks for the prompt reply. So you are saying that if I carry this card as my one and only forex card there won’t be an issue and it will guaranteedly work wherever I go? What if there is an issue? Is the product still in Beta? What’s the backup i have incase the card goes bad abroad?

@Wasim_Al_Basha @Deepak please do get back to me on this. Thanks.