Phone Number Issue

I have updated my phone number through Equitas Internet banking, however I am still not able to login via Niyox App

Hey @Kunshukl

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The details registered with Niyo allow you to access the NiyoX app, you may still access the app if you’ve access to your registered mobile number. However, updating your mobile number with Equitas only changes your communication received.


Hi Ranjith,

I have changed my phone number, do i have to change the number in niyo app also. My old phone number is registered with niyo app however my updated number is in equitas. Tell me the way to login mobile banking through niyo app from my updated number

@Ranjith Is there a way to change phone number in the NiyoX app?

Hello @billubakra! Sorry!! The registered mobile number cannot be changed as of now. -WB

Can’t the same be changed from the Equitas’s own banking app?

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