Personal loan application needed urgently will try to return in only 2 or 3 month

I want to apply for personal loan i worked for a private company on a manager designation.
I urgently needed 40k inr on urgent basis, how can i take it please suggest?
Or anyone can help my whtsapp & calling number is 9358396302


Currently Niyo is not providing Loans.
[Edit : now you may see loan offer if you are eligible]

As you have an urgency, You can look for Good Loan Companies.

I can’t tell nane directly but kindly consider these while applying for Loan-

  1. Your Credit Score ( they’ll fetch for calculation of Loan Amount, Intrest Rate & Duration.

  2. Applying through App ( also Website) assured about NBFC & Their Reputation.

  3. They’ll Hard Enquiry for credit score, will visible in Reports. ( Negative impact).

  4. Processing Fee , some companies are looting.

  5. Intrest Rate , more than 18% isn’t normal.

  6. Credit Card may you help, Cash out with some methods like Rent Pay etc

  7. Small amount can be helpful by PayLater
    ( Not all , only few where you can get cash)


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I want to personal loan urgently but niyox app do not showing upto loan so I want to help us 9167862643 call and WhatsApp Messenger

Hey @Danish_Khan3

Welcome to our Niyo Community :innocent:

Currently, we don’t have the facility for loans or credit services, stay tuned to our handles for updates.

Ranjith M