Paypal transfers to niyo?

I have a paypal account . I linked NiyoX
Account. Paypal transferred funds and it says completed. But funds have not credited to my niyox account. ?

Hey @Itssam22! Welcome to Niyo Community.

We are having this investigated with the bank. Our team will update the transaction status. The ticket number for your reference is 1192774.


I got it just now .
Its a top notch support and giving support to clients is much better than other universal banks preferred accounts. which we have used. I would not name them . Lol

Moreover i was addressed twice once by comminty and other by niyox chat support.

Its not bout that i got funds before the time they promised.

Its the whole new cloud approach towards handling situation .

Hey @Itssam22! Thank you for taking the time and confirming. We’re glad that you are happy with our services. Your kind words mean the world to us and our entire team. Hope you’ll recommend Niyo to your family & friends and give them the best banking experience at their fingertips.


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