Paypal to Niyox

I am writing this after two different answers for my doubt.

I linked my Niyox Bank account with Paypal. It is successful.

Whethere I will receive my funds or not? I don’t want my funds to get stuck?

In one answer, a person wrote NiyoX doesn’t support IR from Paypal

In another answer, They got money after contacting support.

Whether I will receive or not? Should I change my bank currency to INR instead of USD?
Doesn’t niyox able to receive funds in USD?

PS : I am a freelancer

Hey @Akhil_B_M, welcome to our community! It’s an international IR via PayPal to Niyox account. NiyoX do not accept international IR. Currently, the service is unavailable. "Yes, we do allow international inward remittances, for full KYC accounts. The remitter should specify the following details in the wire transfer request:

a. Beneficiary Bank Name – Indusind Bank.

b. Beneficiary Bank Swift Code – INDBINBBGRD.

c. Purpose field should specify as “Towards family maintenance and savings (or) Personal gifts (or) Compensation of employees/ Salary”; Equitas Bank account # & IFSC." For any further assistance kindly reach out to our Live chat support from the NiyoX app our team will be happy to assist you better.

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