Pathetic Service

My CKYC was done on 03rd July and account creation sucks. It has been more than 16 days and I am getting the general replies. Enough of mails and live chat now I’ll use social media to get me a card. I was assured that I’ll be among the first ones to get my account created but I see others now whose accounts are created. You say me to go for NiyoX. I don’t want to get NiyoX. I prefer SBM bank over equitas small finance bank. I want to get Niyo Global only. Also I’m not applying shortly My CKYC was done on 03/07/22 as told by your costumers support team. It has been 15 days already after that. I’m planning my journey in one week and you guys promised me for 5 days and I waited for 16 days. Now I can’t go to other options other than Niyo. So it’s your responsibility to get me the card within this week. This is possible only when my account is activated within two days. I don’t know anything about your technical glitches but I can assure that there’s some other mess in your system. No technical issue takes this much time to get resolved. I myself am a software developer. Do let me know what the issue is and connect me to your tech team. And I’ll give them valuable feedbacks to overcome this. If you don’t do that, then there’s something messy with Niyo only. I have promoted niyo global multiple times on social Media. Remember one who can make it, can also mar it. Create my account within 2 days else I’ll start putting my detailed experience over wherever possible. I’ve got 6K followers on LinkedIn, 3K followers on Facebook and 1K followers on Instagram (I hope this is not a small number). Just one post and 10,000 people gets to know the reality of Niyo Global. You’re not only loosing a valuable customer but also loosing many incoming customers. And I’m not joking now. I have heard enough now.

I hope you take it as an advice and not warning. I’m all good to co-operate in any terms apart from waiting.

Hey @guptapriyanshu! We are sorry for keeping you waiting. This is definitely not the kind of experience we wanted you to have. Unfortunately, the onboarding procedure is taking a longer time than expected and we are sorry about it. I’d request you to allow some time so that I can have this escalated to my team on a priority basis and try to help you with your concern.


Hey Deepak, I don’t want to hear that. I was always said that I’m on the highest priority. I can see few people whose account has been created in recent days. How the hell I’m on the highest priority. I have said here on ticket, on mail and on (not so) live chat to call me but I have received no call. I was promised by Miss Anu for a callback but that too didn’t happen. Either Clear say a no or just make my account. There should be nothing in between. I want a callback today at any cost else I’ll write a detailed Experience from tomorrow onwards. And I’ll make sure that whatever time I wasted , i utilise double time to tell everyone not to use Niyo Global.

Hope to get a call today.
Yours well wisher ( hope so )

Hey Priyanshu! Thanks for your time over the call. I’m following up with my team on this to understand if we can onboard you for Niyo SBM before your travel date. As requested please allow me some time and I’ll reach out to you on this with an update.


Mr. Deepak, I cross-checked with my financial institution and got it verified that my CKYC number is : 50022662261484 only and ******3772 is the linked mobile number. This is the same number I’m registered at Niyo Global too. So there’s some issue with your technical team only and ask them to cross-check it and do thee needful for my account creation. You can also check the KYC status is also Normal and IPV flag is “Y”. I don’t even need that wealth account due to which I’m getting this much delay. Also you haven’t called me back after consulting the tech team as promised. call me back asap

Hey Priyanshu! Our team is trying all the possibilities to help you with account creation and I’m following up constantly. I’ll reach out to you once I receive more updates.

Due to your technical issue, I was asked to visit the branch.

  1. There is no branch nearby.
  2. Why should I visit? Is it my responsibility?


You said CKYC issue, while my status was normal and flag was “Y” ( I had complete CKYC )

You said CKYC details can’t be fetched, I gave you my CKYC Number.

You said contact number or DOB mismatch, I gave proof for that as well.

You said you’ll call me back ( 5 of you ), which is not done.

You said I’ll get my account activated by past week, which was not done.

You said I’ll be able to get my card this month only, which seems false now.

You said everything from my end is okay and it’s you who are having technical glitches, now I feel I’ll end up getting some excuses that I’m not eligible for this and guess what since you’re telling me at this last stage, I won’t be able to get any other card…


Hey @guptapriyanshu! We sincerely apologise for keeping you waiting. Our team has tried all the ways that are possible from our end to help you. All the attempts have failed. We understand that you have a CKYC number and were able to open bank accounts and investments on various platforms. It was unfortunate that we couldn’t onboard you for Niyo SBM due to CKYC issues.

As an alternative, you may use your NiyoX card for your international transactions and you may also check Niyo DCB. Both offer a 0% mark-up on forex transactions. Let us know if you are interested in Niyo DCB and we’ll help you with it.


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