Passport verification

hey I am facing issues with passport file number , I have a Indian passport with expiry of 2025 still it is giving error " expired or incorrect passport file number please help me.
I have my last attempt left so you can understand i have checked and tried so many times.

Hey @Pranav_Prem! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The error message, ‘expired or incorrect passport file number’ usually occurs when you enter an invalid passport file number or if your passport has been renewed abroad or if there’s a mismatch in your name and DOB on your Passport, PAN and Aadhaar.

In case, if your passport is issued/renewed in India and if your details are the same on all the documents, please write to us at from your registered email and share the relevant docs and we’ll try to help you with it.


I am entering a valid Indian Passport file number (Issued in India) and valid for good 6 more years and still I am getting the error of ‘expired or incorrect passport file number’ and now I have only last attempt left. I have even dropped an email to “” and the ticket number is #1396164. please look into it and provide a resolution asap as I would be travelling next week and before it I will need physical card as well

I have the same issue. I tried multiple times thinking it must be a technical issue and now I have only one attempt left and then my account will be locked. I have emailed regarding this with screenshots as well. The complaint no. is 1403304. Kindy look into it.