Passport File Number - Limit exceeded

During my account registration, I exceeded the limit trail because of passport file number.The passport file number had a G, which looked like 6(six) and I was typing six so my account got blocked. Isn’t there any chance you can unblock my account?
I have already raised a ticket for same, but havent heard back from anyone yet.
Ticket Number: 1366287

Hi @shivansh_agnihotri, welcome to our community! Let me look into this for you. We have escalated your issues to our team, we will get it checked and update you back. Appreciate your patience.

A similar thing happened to me also instead of “O” I mistakenly consider “0” so because of that I was permanently banned from registration.
I suggest putting input validation as we do for PAN Card numbers.

Okay. Looking forward to the resolution at the earliest as my payment deadline is nearing.

@Manisha_Radhakrishna I am still awaiting any response. No one has contacted me till now, neither have my issue been resolved yet.

They did not resolve my issue and just said that I can no longer open account. This is unfair as there was no prior notice where they told that I will have limited numbwr of attempts. This is not at all a professional way of work and its one of my worst customer service experience with any of the banks.

Hello @shivansh_agnihotri ! We sincerely apologize for the delayed response. We request you to please provide us with some more time. We have flagged this issue for an update. We’ll reach out to you soon. -WB

Hello @shivansh_agnihotri! We regret the inordinate delay caused. Please be informed that our team has rectified the issue and has made certain changes. We request you to re-try and confirm if you are able to proceed further. -WB