Online Transactions To other banks failed

I just received my Niyo global SBM card last week but i am not able to do any online transfers with other banks. However i am able to do ATM withdrawals in India. Can anybody let me know why i am facing this issue?

Hi @Gowtham_Karthick ,

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Sorry for the experience :confused: Could we request you to raise this issue with our in support team?
You can reach out to them from Niyo SBM App> Menu > Support


I had talked with SBM Bank customer care on phone .
They said , you can only use NiYo SBM Signature Card on Offline transactions only . Not on Online .

Hey @zantapabada ! Request you to ignore the message received from SBM Bank (India) where you state that Niyo Global VISA Signature Debit card cannot be used for online transactions. That is completely false. You can use the Niyo Global VISA Signature ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit Card for ATM, ECOM, POS and Contactless payments. Before you try to make any payment, make sure to disable all the card locks, i.e make sure that all the card locks are in ‘green’ color.


Give an online transaction option right there

You know its the same with me too cannot do one online bank to bank transactions until today. Man its so necessary. I am a student we have to transaction 2 to 3 lakh per year.
I am able to do swipe transaction ATM transaction and online transactions like shopping but bank to bank transaction even not a penny it always shows its not reachable to server its not reachable service Bank I am complaining. But there is no result