Onboarding issue

I tried to create an account in app. I have an Indian passport valid till 2026. My passport file no is KO2069014649115. It is showing incoreect file no or expired file no. I cant enter it again because it is the last attempt.

Hey @Nikhil_Paul! Welcome to Niyo Community! Kindly note, that the system will accept the passport file number only if it is issued in India. If the passport is renewed aborad where you have received an updated passport file number issues abroad, we are sorry to let you know that we cannot help you with the onboarding for Niyo Global by SBM.


My passport wasnt renewed abroad… It is taken from india and has validity till 2026

@Nikhil_Paul Kindly inbox us the photocopy of your passport and we’ll have that checked with our team.

@Deepak how can one inbox you the photocopy? Don’t see any option here

Hey @Bhavya_Sharma! Welcome to Niyo Community!

I have sent you a direct message. If you are facing a similar onboarding issue (passport verification), you may reply to the direct message and we’ll have that checked.


Hey @Bhavya_Sharma! Thanks for your time over the call. As requested, kindly try BO (Capital letter O) instead of B0 (digit 0). You should be able to proceed further.


Hey Deepak!
Thanks for the super quick response. The issue is resolved.

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