Not getting access in IOS App


  1. I am not getting access to my account through IOS app after login with the passcode. Tried reinstalling it.
  2. I am not able to place debit card request even after adding the required amount to run the account and get a debit card. Please resolve the issue as soon as possible. I have to travel abroad after a week.

Hey @Piyushk11! Welcome to Niyo Community!

This shouldn’t have happened. We’ll have this checked with our team and fix this. Please let us know the iPhone model you are using and the OS version.


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It is iPhone 13 OS 15.5(19F77). Please check and fix it as early as possible. I need the debit card before next week.

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@Piyushk11 thanks for sharing the details. We’ll have this checked with our team.

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How much time will it take?

Hey @Piyushk11! We’d like to have a closer look into this issue. It would be great if you can share a screen recording of the issue you are facing. Also, if you are unable to log in to the app, we would like to understand how (by what means) you were trying to order the debit card.

The earlier app login issue is solved and Debit Card delivery request was also sent on the next day of your message. Like on 7th it was ordered. I have request can I please get debit cars before 14th because I have to travel on 15th. Also want to know the charges on withdrawing money in other country (Thailand)

Hey @Piyushk11! Thanks for letting us know that you were able to log in to the app. Once the card request is raised, usually, it takes up to 15 days to get it delivered. You should be able to track it after it is dispatched from the bank.

For international ATM withdrawals or balance inquiry, you will be charged Rs.100+GST.


So that means I won’t get it before I leave. I am leaving 15th night. Can I get it before I have placed order on 7th June.

Without debit card am I able to do transactions in another country? With the digital card? Can I transfer the money and do transactions there without having the debit card?

@Piyushk11 We cannot assure you that the card can be delivered by the 15th of June and we are sorry about it. Once the card is dispatched, you will be able to track it through the Niyo SBM app. Currently, you cannot transfer the funds to an international account from the Niyo SBM account. In the app, you will be able to view the virtual card. You can use the card details for online transactions. But to do PoS transactions, you need to have a physical debit card.