Not able to use Niyo wealth features

The mutual funds section in Niyo IDFC app takes forever to load, even more to get the details of investment.

Can’t even create a new SIP, it throws an error page.

This has been happening for quite sometime now, if Niyo IDFC hasn’t been abandoned, how soon will it be fixed.

If there is no timeline or a plan to fix the existing bugs, how can we exit from these services? I would like to close all my accounts with Niyo in that case.

Hi Vipul

Regret inconvenience. While we are trying to fix the issue, we request you to use Niyo Money app available on playstore/appstore.

In that app you will have a goal by the name “DIY”, you wiuld be easily be able to do all your transactions there.

Once again regret inconvenience .


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