Not able to transfer


Not able to transfer, IMPS/NEFT/RTGS, is not working. Tried from both the NiyoX app and from the bank’s website and app. What is going on? Why the hell did this happen on a Monday? Hope you can understand how disappointing this is.

Kindly share the account closure form too.


Hey @billubakra! Regret the inconvenience :worried:

Currently, the bank server is down due to which there is a delay in completing the transactions and in a few instances, they aren’t happening. We are working on this with the bank and please be assured that the issue will be resolved at the earliest.


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Same prblm am facing

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Same problem in upi also

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Sir in one instance money debited once but not credited in beneficiary’s account and didn’t credit back also. What to do in this case?

Everything is still down. What type of a bank does not have a disaster management system? Very disappointed.

Hello @billubakra! The issue has been resolved and you should be able to perform the transactions now.

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