Not able to make online payment in US dollars


I am trying to make an online payment of 89 USD using this Niyo IDFC card but it’s failing/getting declined.

  • I have set the international limit.
  • I have enabled online payment option.

Nobody is picking up the call or replying on whatsapp. Kindly help me on urgent basis here.

Hey Aman! We sincerely apologize for the hassle. Please rest assured, we are getting this checked and we will update you shortly. LK

Hi Aman, the team has made some changes. We request you to try once more and let us know if you are still finding it difficult to complete the transactions. LK

I tried making the payment once again and it’s still not working.

I am getting a message saying - Something has gone wrong.

Please look into this as I have to make the payment urgently

Does the card work domestically? They have blocked my card on all online transactions, and I get an sms saying I don’t have enough balance. Opting for niyo has lead to me only to regrets.

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