Not able to load money

It is mentioned that I can have balance upto 1L till biometric KYC.

I added 1L in multiple installments and utilized it. Now, my balance is around 100.

I am not able to add any more. Why is it like this?

Hey Hemanth! Usually, you’ll only be able to maintain a balance of ₹1 Lakh at any given point of time & deposit up to ₹2 Lakh per year. We’ll get this checked. Please tap on the Whatsapp icon to contact us along with the registered information and we will take it further.

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Apart from current balance of 1L limit there is a limit of total amount credited in the year. Aggregate of total amount credited should not be more then 2Lacs in the year. So if your account has already reached the incoming of 2L in total you won’t be able to load money unless you go for biometric KYC.

2L limit is not yet reached. Even then, not able to load

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ok… messaged u in WhatsApp

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Your customer care says that’s not the case. Limit upto 2L is not updated for everyone. So, can’t load beyond 1L even thr current balance is less than 1L

Please have it done for me.

any update on this?

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@Niyo_Moderator Even I am not able to load the money upto 1L in my account.
Please respond.

You guys really need to do a better job in explaining the features and limits of the account anyone opens.

@Niyo_Moderator Please clarify, I am not able to load any money in my bank account. I have not yet exceeded the 2L limit that you mentioned above.

The customer support executive mentioned that the maximum transaction that I in my account is just 1L.

Can you please clear the confusion?

@harshy.027 they seem to be not aware of the features they promise to offer and the actual features offered.

I see there is a lot of disconnect.

Guys, please sort it out and give option to load beyond 1L once the balance is used

@Hemanth Yeah, they have just hired people to respond to queries, but I don’t think they themself have the clarity of what the company’s policies are.

@prathamnawal @Niyo_Moderator

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Is the total annual limit 2 lac for one account? We cannot load money after that?

only 1L till biometric KYC.

Initially, they informed that we can load upto 2L in a year with balance not beyond 1L at any given point. Now, they took a U-turn and saying that we can load 1L only.

So, If we use whole 1L, we can’t load any more which is not the initial communication

The KYC should be Easy. Got mine done on 4th day of account opening.

I’m also not able to add money. I’ve deposit only 50,000 INR till now.

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