Not able to create UPI ID neither raise a ticket. Even unable to have a live chat

Hello Team,

It’s been almost 24 hrs since I am trying to add money to my Niyo Global SBM bank account but I have been constantly facing issue with UPI creation. When I tried going on live chat it gives a “Server down error” and then automatic message by BOT as shown in below image.

I also tried to raise the ticket which ended up with the error as shown in below image. To my surprise after all the good reviews I have had about Niyo Global… it felt like I cannot trust the service by Niyo Global for any international travels considering that okay even if there is a problem (which I believe should last approx. 24 hrs) there in no support. It is just a hard core “STUCK”!!!

Hey @Aarvi! Welcome to Niyo Community!

We are sorry for the experience you had with us. With your conversation, we understand that you were unable to create a UPI ID on any platform. This has been highlighted to our team for further investigation. This may take a slightly longer time. Until then, you may try loading the funds via IMPS/NEFT mode using internet/mobile banking by adding Niyo SBM as a payee.


But why is it taking longer? Is there some issue with my account or this is just normal with Niyo Global services?

I just don’t want to face such issue, of not being able to instantly add funds, while I am traveling.