Not able to complete Full kyc even after 1 month

I have niyo IDFC account. My mother needed one bank account so I suggested her niyo x because of instant account activation. now I regret my decesion. I have been scheduling full kyc every day for more than a month now. No one ever calls and not even single message I received regarding full there any way to talk to customer care regarding this? Chat support is useless

Hi @sahith ,

Welcome to the Niyo Community!

Sorry to hear about your experience :frowning: Could you please DM me your mother’s number so that we can take it from there?


Hi, iam new to this community. Iam unable to find any DM option.

@sahith in order to DM, click on the name and you should be able to see the Message button.


Now I got the option to DM. I think they are not giving Dm option for new people instantly. Thank you

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