Not able to add the card on playstore

Not able to add the visa platinum card on playstore.

Hi @Monster_RM, Welcome to Niyo Community! :slightly_smiling_face:

Usually, the type of transactions on Google Play Store, Netflix, Spotify, etc, are recurring transactions where the amount from the account gets auto-debit on a monthly basis or based on the plan you’ve taken.

If you are registering your card details for the first time on any such platform (where recurring debit takes place), and if the transaction didn’t go through, not to worry, you may receive a verification call from Equitas Small Finance Bank. Upon verifying & confirming via call with the bank, recurring transactions will be enabled for your account after which you can try registering your card details for recurring transactions.

If there is a delay in receiving the verification call from the bank end, you may reach out to the bank at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM and raise your concern.



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