No way to get my communication address updated

I requested Niyo Customer Service to update communication address of IDFC NIYO Savings Account. They asked me to visit IDFC Bank Branch.

I visited the branch and they tell me that address can’t be update since my Signature in account is not updated. And for Signature update, I need to visit Ahmedabad or Mumbai branch.

What am I supposed to do now? My communication address was a rented accommodation and there is a risk if the new address is not updated.

You can update signature using idfc Internet banking facility. In there you can use create service request option to update your signature.

Hi. Here is my experience a couple of months back for the same address update issue… (And yes… you will necessarily have to visit an IDFC branch in person to have your address updated!)

I recently visited an IDFC branch to have my communication address updated, and here is where the issue gets complicated. I faced two challenges…

The bank does not recognise a rent agreement as a valid address proof, so I had to provide them with an Aadhaar card, passport, driving licence, voter id card or other similar documents. For this reason I was compelled to update my communication address as my permanent address which is mentioned in my Aadhaar card.
Once I submitted the address proof, the bank asked me to sign the form. But alas, Niyo did not collect any signature during onboarding. They only collected our biometrics and forwarded it to IDFC for a full kyc. Now, I had to submit a copy of my PAN card and have my signature updated with IDFC (I’m guessing probably that’s why we don’t have IDFC cheque books!). Following my signature update in the bank’s database, they processed my address update.

Hope this helps…

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You can update signature by logging into IDFC Internet Banking. There is option to update signature under Service Requests.

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