No reward for refer & earn :'(


So the same thing happened with me twice, I’ve referred my friend to open niyo idfc account and he successfull downloaded the app and used my referral code (actually this process is done by me in his mobile) last time i just referral and and i haven’t received refer and earn coupon so i think might be he forgot to use my referral code. But this time I’ve entered the code from my myself so if you’re unable to fetch it then it’s clear that you’re not interested in giving reward to the user.
And first of all you’ve taken a long time to fetch it (worst support) over email even you’re not try to read the mail that what i want to say, just copy paste the faq section and no response on whatsapp. Lastely received follow up from twitter and this can’t be imagined.
Feeling cheated from niyo… it’s better I’ll go back to kotak Mahinda bank at lest they have a good support and they will listen and never ever faced any such issues.
It’s my huge mistake to choose niyo and telling people to join it wil never recommend it to anyone.
Totally fke promises and no support at all, from my last bank if they promise me anything (reward/cashback) they never cheated me.
Bye bye niyo!!

Hey Ashish! Firstly, we’d like to thank you for referring Niyo to your friends and family and being a strong voice for our brand. We also sincerely apologize for not being able to fulfill your expectations. However, we want to inform you that we’ve done a thorough check with our backend referral team with the mobile number provided by you. It has come to our notice that a referral code wasn’t applied in the given case.
We’ve successfully processed a lot of referral vouchers for many of our customers, hence be rest assured that the process is fair, provided it meets the required inputs from your end.
Please do reach out to us for any further concerns, we’re always here to help you. :slightly_smiling_face: LK

Really sorry but this time might be your team/system is wrong cause eyes can’t be deceived. Last time i just referred and and when i couldn’t receive reward so I think might be he has not used my code. But this time I’ve completed all the process from my hands. So I’m not agree with you, don’t know why you’re not able to find the details but this time i forget to recover screen otherwise I’ll post it on social media with your message too.
You’ll are trying to prove me mendacious. But I’m not at this time. And I’m very disappointed from your service from as from last few days your support and services is hell. Cannot expected this from your end. And now please don’t give me an excuse about system or etc etc. I

It’s okah don’t credit the reward you already lost your customer as wel as trust and I’ll never ever recommend your services. Also if someone is going to avail will deny to stay away from you.

Sorry but you just broke my trust and a loyal customer too.

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