No refund yet! The CS request is pending since Sept 4!

I have done a transaction using UPI phonepe where it was failed for some reason. The message said: “If the account was deducted with anything it will be refunded within 2-3 working days.”

Guess what?

It’s still not refunded. :frowning:

I have done multiple followups in WhatsApp chat, Phonepe team, twitter, and no luck yet. No doubt as they say they are working on it but it’s already been 20+ days to reconcile?

Now I don’t know if it’s me or anyone else. I ask for the status in WhatsApp support and get no reply.

Please help me to tag the appropriate guy to sort this out asap. Appreciate that!!

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Hi @Apoorv_Mittal,

As I saw your ping in one of the threads and you are a PM. Please help me to reach out to the respective PM for this issue. CS is not quite helpful, hence reaching out to you.

P.S: Am also in fintech as a Data engineer. To understand this process a bit closely.

although i have never worked on payment systems directly but based on my limited exposure and knowledge, i will try to explain how the payment system works.

Broadly, there are 3 parties involved here, remitter bank, National Payments Corporation of India and Beneficiary Bank.

You were doing a transaction from Remitter Bank Account (your account integrated with PhonePe app) to Beneficiary Bank Account (which is the Niyo IDFC account). Technically speaking at a very high level, you give the command to remitter bank through PhonePe app to transfer funds to Beneficiary bank. There could be some other parties involved as PhonePe is not itself a bank and leverages Yes bank’s and ICICI bank’s infrastructure in transactions but we can refer to them as PhonePe’s system for simplicity. On your request, PhonePe debits the amount first and forwards this request to NPCI and NPCI issues a RRN Number (unique identifier of the transaction) and forwards this request to Beneficiary bank to make credit in the account.

PhonePe is supposed to issue you RRN number received from NPCI for every such transaction. If PhonePe did not issue any RRN number to you, it is very likely that transaction did not reach to NPCI systems. You need to check with PhonePe if you don’t have any RRN number. If RRN number was generated, that means the transaction was initiated by PhonePe and it reached NPCI as well but still the status of the transaction could not be known. PhonePe will have access to the systems which can tell the status of any transaction by searching using RRN number. If they find it a failure, they have to return it to you. If they say, it’s a success, then you need to check with beneficiary Bank along with the transaction details, which is us.

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We apologize for the delay, Deepak! The case is in the process & will notify you with a closure shortly. We’ve noted your feedback & forwarded it to the concerned team to ensure better service further,

Thanks, @Apoorv_Mittal for this deep overview. :slight_smile:

Thanks, @Niyo_Moderator, Still waiting for the resolution?

Hi @Niyo_Moderator,

It’s already close to a month since I have done my transaction and the refund it yet not processed. Every time getting a response of working on it and in process. Will you please help me to understand what is happening here under the hood and what will be the final ETA to get this done?


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Hi can I get a reply on the same?

Hey Deepak! We are working on your concern & trying our best in resolving the issue as soon as possible. Request you to wait till the mentioned timeline.

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