No refund since Sep 4. Anyone hearing?


Raised No refund yet! The CS request is pending since Sept 4! few days back. It was told to me to wait till the TAT.

Sep 26 is the day Niyo raised the issue with IDFC and TAT is done on 11 October. Still no response.

Even the mail whatsapp any medium the response is not coming from Niyo team. Rekha from the team is working, I understand.

But what it takes to make it faster? Money stuck since Sep 4. Who will pay interest to that?

Seriously, I posted in twitter about it too and same classic reply.

I know you guys are doing so well by giving 7% but please care to close the grievances asap.

Hopefully I will get the resolution soon.

Still a customer,

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Hey Deepak! We appreciate you taking the time to share your feedback. We sincerely apologize for the delay and assure you that we are doing our best to follow it up with the bank and get your issue resolved on a priority. We will strive to offer you a better experience. Thank you for your understanding. LK

The TAT is passed long back. And still waiting. No clear cut ETA.

Not so pleasant experience though.

Team any update on this?

I am literally tired of following up on this?

P.S: TAT is breached for 1 month. Is TAT is in the SOP?

Hey Deepak! Our sincere apologies for the delay incurred in crediting the amount to your account. We are constantly trying and following it up with IDFC FIRST to ensure that this is taken up on a priority. As per the last confirmation shared to you, the amount should be processed in another 7-15 working days to your account. LK

Any update on the same?

Hey Deepak! As we have checked, we noticed that your case is still under investigation. The dispute has already been raised with the bank on 28th October and as per the last communication, the TAT shared was 7-15 working days. We would really appreciate your understanding and patience in the matter. LK

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