No refund for 1 week+


I bought a ticket at the KLM Airlines website 7 days ago but the payment did not go through. However the amount (Rs. 38955) was deducted from my Niyo DCB account. I was told that Niyo would return my money but it has been 7 days and I still haven’t received them.

It was a big amount and it’s a long wait. I’m not getting any confirmation from Niyo either that I will get the money back. I am really sad with the service and regret I have ever used their card to make a payment.

Hey Unnati! Welcome to the Niyo Community! We have checked your transaction and it still seems pending with the merchant. Hence you have not been able to receive the refund yet. Please allow us the requested time and we will ensure that the refund is processed to your account. LK