No middle name in NiyoGlobal Forex SBMCard

Hi my name shows up as ADITYA PAUL, instead of ADITYA JYOTI PAUL on the UI of the app.

Niyo Execs have confirmed via mail that the name limit is 19 with spaces, my name is 17 with spaces. They also confirmed my full name is present in bank details and also this issue is not present on NiyoX UI or card.

Since I ordered my cars yesterday, it’s extremely urgent to get thia corrected so that it doesn’t show up on the card.

My middle name is also not shown on the:

  1. App UI
  2. When I share bank details via whatsapp
  3. Email communication.

Cust id R000304578

Hi @phreakyphoenix ,

Did you raise a ticket with our in-app support for the same? This will also help us track the queries better.


I’ve done the same with ticket number 1028186 @Bansari