No debit? Why is this showing up and what is debit transactions bcz my money has been debit without my approval.plz help

My money has been debited and it says debit transfer is it done by bank and why is niyox charging forex markup? In the it says zero forex markup!

Hey @Dracarx.v! The above is the annual maintenance charge for the NiyoX debit card. We see that your NiyoX account has been debit frozen. We are sorry to see your account is under Debit Freeze. You must have received an email from the bank with the reason for the debit freeze on your account. This debit freeze action is taken solely by Equitas Small Finance Bank. It could be due to irregular transaction patterns which is not in line with your profile updated while opening your account or some other compliance-related issues. It’s best advised to refer to the communication sent by Equitas on the matter.

To unfreeze your account, you are requested to contact Equitas Small Finance Support at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to marking us in CC Rest assured, the support team at the bank will help you to unfreeze your account.


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