No clear charges mentioned

No clear charges are mentioned bank is debiting charges with out any proper information. And also niyo is not clear about anything. If we have any problem they are unable to clear that and again we have to contact with equitas . Worst banking services i have ever seen . :rage::rage:

What charges are debited can you show me?

Hi @Amitkar,

You can find a brief of all charges here: What are transaction limits on the NiyoX Debit Cards?

PS. You need to get in touch with Equitas Small Finance Bank for transaction related queries. However we are always happy to help and escalate it in your behalf.

Do get back to us in case of any further concerns.

Hello maam i have sent you the particular screenshot of the charges. Please check the same and help me .
Thank you.

@Amitkar we are getting this checked. Allow us sometime.


Hume bhi dikhao charges


Our Auto-pay (also called NACH/Ecs) feature on the Investments section allows you to automate your investment-related payments. NACH (or ECS) charges is a penalty charged by the bank for having a low (insufficient) balance at the time when the bank tried to debit the payment for your mutual fund investment.

For example, if you have set up a SIP on the 10th of every month for Rs. 1,000 then the bank will try to debit Rs. 1,000 from your account on the 10th every month and send it to the mutual fund company. If you do not have this much balance available, then the bank can charge you a penalty for this (called NACH or ECS charge)

For any further queries about this charge/penalty, I request you to please reach out to Equitas bank customer support on 1800 103 1222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail at

Hope this helps

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