No Balance Maintain Policy

How I Know My IDFC Account Open With No Balance Maintain Policy ?
Because In The App (Niyo) Still Show You Need Maintain Account Balance 10K.

Hey there! All Niyo IDFC FIRST savings accounts have been made zero-balance account. Only at the time of opening the account, you will need to make a deposit of Rs.10,000, which will be credited to your account once the account is opened. Rest assured, as the account will be a zero-balance account, you can use these funds without any penalty.

Thanks Niyo …
Although I Have Done My 2 Step In Niyo App.
But Still My Niyo App Show 10k Maintain Balance Policy ?

Please rest assured, the information is yet to be updated in our application. While we get this updated for you, you can keep using the card without any hassle of maintaining A MAB in your account. LK

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