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Hey today i received the Niyox New card. Why don’t you guys not reveled the truth about zero forex in NiyoX. Zero mark charge only until Dec 31st…After that we need to maintain 5k to get the Zero forex mark feature.

Hi @Arun_Kumar ,

Please stay noted your VISA Platinum Debit Card comes with Zero forex markup till 31 Dec 2021. You can continue to enjoy these perks further by maintaining an average monthly balance (AMB) of 5K or above in any given calendar month.


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@Arun_Kumar Bro there’s a simple logic … When you have money in your pocket you can then spend them. Likewise you can only use your zero forex markup charges facility, only when your account has balance… If not like that,then how can you spend your empty savings balance in foreign. If you don’t have money in your account then it doesn’t matter that your card have forex charge or not… & Bro i wanted to know how the card looks like can you send me the pictures of the new updated card through my Instagram? My insta id is : nagendra_chebrolu HINT FOR IDENTIFYING MY ACCOUNT : BIO contains L’aventure attend :v:t2:

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Hey my question was…what will happen if we don’t maintain EOD balance for only 1 day…As niyo said we need to maintain 5k for whole month, then only zero forex will work… what will happen if we don’t maintain 1 or 2 days

@Chebrolu_Nagendra You can check out my post
Niyox New debit card

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@Bansari Please share document with T&C or webpage link for confusion less details.

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