NiyoX versus Niyo Global SBM

I recently created my account with NiyoSBM global. Applied for the credit card! Then I realized that the Global card provided by SBM does not have the user name on it.

This was done after multiple attempts at trying to obtain a DCB bank based Niyo global card (since dcb in Indian, and hence more trustworthy for an Indian). It kept rerouting me to the SBM app. Now the DCB customer care people are calling me regarding the DCB card, but unable to explain the difference. Just asking me for my address.!!

  1. What is the difference!?
  2. If I have created an account with NiyoGlobal, why can’t I sign in to any of your apps.? There is no “sign-in” option. Only account creation. What if I delete the app by mistake?
  3. If I want to, how to close the account?
  4. Why can’t I cross sign-in.? Isn’t Niyo a single platform!?

Also there is no customer care number to contact in times of emergency. How to contact your team!?

Hey @Bg! Welcome to Niyo Community :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for showing your interest in our product. The functionality of Niyo Global by DCB and Niyo Global by SBM remains the same.

The major differences are:

  1. Niyo SBM is a savings account earning you up to 5% on deposits and gives you the ability to create a UPI ID using any third-party app once you get the card. Niyo Global being on the current account platform does not have these two features.
  2. Niyo SBM offers a Visa Signature Card whereas a higher variant of Visa Platinum Card is offered in Niyo DCB.
  3. The annual maintenance charge on the Niyo Global SBM debit card is zero, we’ve waived it off completely whereas, Rs.200+GST will be charged for Niyo Global by DCB.
  4. Airport lounge access facility is available on Niyo Global by SBM but not on Niyo Global by DCB.
  5. Currently, the onboarding for Niyo SBM is based on CKYC (a complete online procedure). Niyo DCB is an offline procedure and the services are available in Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai.

Play Store link:
App Store link: ‎Niyo Global on the App Store

Use the above links to download Niyo Global by SBM app and sign up to open an account. For future assistance, you may write to us at or reach out to our in-app Live Chat support through the app going to Menu > Support.

If you wish to close your account in the future, you can reach out to our support and we’ll help you with it.

To know more about Niyo products, you may check our website


That answers a lot of questions. Thank you Deepak. One last concern…

No option for sign-in/login on your apps. It’s only “make new account”…How to login if accout has already been created!?

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Hey @Bg! You will be able to log in to the Niyo app only after the successful completion of the onboarding process. If you haven’t completed the onboarding steps, the app might ask you to complete the pending steps. If your account has already been created, please enter the registered mobile number once you install the app and it takes you to the home page of your account.

Hope I was able to help you with your queries. For any further help, you reach out to us and we are happy to help you.

Stay safe :mask: