NiyoX upi transfer problem

i don’t know if this is random but i cant send money through my Google pay account for the last 2 months or so. i can recieve money through the same upi id but i cant send the money to any account. other UPI apps have no problem recieving or sending the money. i contacted the Niyox chat support and they couldn’t find the issue and i left it there because i was able to transfer money via other apps. Today niyox account stopped to recieve or send money via any app. i even tried to transfer the money through their own application and it failed miserably… i cant even reach the chat support now that’s why iam ranting about this here… if NiyoX can’t meet the expectations of their customers why bother inviting them to their platform… there are a lot of other apps that can fulfill the basic banking requirements without a hitch.

Hey @sajanzerif! Definitely, this is not the kind of experience we wanted you to have with us. :slightly_frowning_face:

We would like to have a closer look into the issue you are facing. It would be great if you can inbox us your registered mobile number. Rest assured, we are here to set things right for you.


Hey @sajanzerif! Thanks for your time over the call. We believe your issue has been resolved and you were able to send and receive funds via UPI. For any further help, reach out to our in-app Live Chat support by going to Menu > Support from your NiyoX app and we are happy to help you.


hi @Deepak thanks for the call. the issue has been resolved for now. wish all the banking partners had your level of responsibility to resolve a customer’s issue.

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