NiyoX policy of not onboarding Equitas customers is a sign of conceit

If any existing Equitas customer wants his/her salary to be disbursed into NiyoX account in order to avail offers and rewards then what is wrong with it?
So why not onboarding available for Existing Equitas customers?
As for instance Kerala based
Federal Bank, is giving onboarding to Neo Jupiter and Neo Fi.
Equitaa should learn from this.
People got enchanted by super services of Equitas bank at their beginning years.
Now that they are doing such bias may result in customer faith on its ‘generosity banking’.
As for myself I have more faith on NiyoX than NiyoG just because the former is tagged to Equitas and not the overseas SBM.
Hope this issue must be resolved soon.
Otherwise both EQTS and SBM will face a set back in India.
SS Saha
NiyoG Customer

Hey @sssaha! Thanks for your time and for sharing your views. We understand that you are trying to convey that we, at Niyo, should be able to onboard the users who are having existing or past relationships with Equitas Small Finance Bank. We are sorry to let you know that currently, we cannot onboard such users. We’ve duly noted your feedback and will definitely forward it to our product team.


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