NiyoX Platinum Visa debit Card issues

I’ve unabled spending abroad in NiyoX application for my visa platinum card but I’m trying to make payment its not working. After trying to do payment for international payment, I received a call for verification that whether it is me or someone else and I told him it was me and ask why it is declined, the person on other side told me that you’ve not set a limit for international transaction and after listening that I visited application to set it up but there is no option for international transactions limit. Hence I accessed my equitas bank net banking to set a limit for international transactions and there I found that international transactions were disallowed so i tried to allow it but it showed and error saying international transactions are not available on your card variant. Niyo has promised that there is no markup fees for international transactions but their cards are not supported for International transactions Wow what a great irony. I’ve also tried to set limit for POS, Ecom, and ATM withdrawal limit that also can’t be set up over there. What an amazing service.
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Hi @Nikhilkumar_Shah ,

We are getting this checked, kindly allow us sometime and we shall get in touch with you post investigating the same.


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Hey Nikhil! Thank you for your time on the call. As we discussed, we request you to try making an International transaction once more today and confirm if that works. In case the problem persists, do revert back and we will be more than happy to investigate it further for you. LK

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Wonderful. Impressed by the problem recognition and will to solve it, **

Cheers to the TEAM NIYO

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I will reach to you as soon as I try any other International Transaction and will back with the Feedback @Lucky

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Please do. :slight_smile: @Nikhilkumar_Shah
We’re always here to assist you! LK


Yes I too experience same issue

Hi @srinath_dasarathakum

Welcome to our Niyo Community!

Thank you for your time on call. As per our discussion, kindly try making a transaction today. In case if the issue persists, worry not! feel free to reach out here. We’ll get this checked for you.


I am also having same issue.

Hi @Sandy0001

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Let me guide you with the troubleshooting steps here

  1. Open your NiyoX app and head over to card settings.
  2. Swipe right to lock the card, further, left to unlock the card.
  3. Go to ‘Other Locks’.
  4. Lock all the five-card locks separately and unlock them separately.
    Note: Make sure that all the card locks are in ‘green’ color.
    Post this you should be able transact seamlessly. If the issue persists feel free to connect with us here.


Sir. Already do all these steps. You can see in photos.

Hi @Sandy0001,

Could you please raise this to our in app support? You can reach out to them from NiyoX App > Menu> Support, likewise we can keep a track of all the concerns at same place.


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