Niyox login problem

Hey I’m Saikiran, is there any other way to login in to niyo x account , i stay in abroad(georgia) , from which i cannot use my sim to send sms for verification , i even tried it with international roaming on, but it’s no use , can you help me with logging in? I got in to this problem when the customer care of niyo x suggested me to delete the app and reinstall it , while I’m facing a problem with activating the debit card. And i can’t even log into equitas personal banking because of location error.

Hey @Sai_Kiran3! Welcome to Niyo Community!

Inconvenience regretted! For the NiyoX app login, the OTPs will be sent only to the registered mobile number. If your registered mobile number is active, you should receive the OTPs. If your number is active and still not receiving OTPs, please let us know, and we’ll have that checked with our team.


hey,im getting otps, its not the problem, to login into the app, its asking me to send sms from phone, which i cant do because im not in india right now, is there any way to login in to the niyox app?

Hi @Sai_Kiran3, sorry as there is no other option to get the OTP. You need to activate your Indian number to verify it. Thank you!

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