NiyoX KYC problems

What is the problem with KYC of NiyoX. Already 3 times I have scheduled KYC and all the 3 times it has been left unattended. There has been no proactive information from your side too. After each of the 3 times, I have written mails, and I have got the standard response- Our KYC agent has got Covid.
3 things here-

  1. Do you have only 1 agent or each new agent happens to get COVID?
  2. Why can’t you proactively inform before the time slot about rescheduling? What is the use of rescheduling?
  3. Why is there no contact number to coordinate for KYC?

Hi Digant,
Apologize for what you had to go through , I will look into immediately and see to it that your KYC is completed soon.- TV

Hey Digant! Thank you for your time on call. We are delighted to see that the Biometric verification is completed for your account. The physical card of your selection should also reach you in 10-15 business days. LK