NiyoX is running a bank or a social media website?

Hey @Nilay_Rachchh @akhilsnaik! We understand your concern. Definitely, this is not the kind of experience we wanted our users to go through. It was a sudden action from the bank side. And yes, on behalf of all the NiyoX users, we are constantly following up with the Equitas Small Finance Bank and trying to look into this issue and help in unfreezing the accounts.


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@Deepak Glad to here that you are understanding and moving forward for us and escalating issue on fully primary basis.


Hello Team ,

Is anyone aware of Equitas/Niyox Savings bank account getting freezed randomly for the customers without any intimation in advance and suddenly blocking the Outgoing in account and just by sending email ?

How can this be justified with I have taken the Bank account with Full KYC,
If there is any concern regarding the transactions done on my bank account they should call me and intimate me instead of just sending me an email and freezing the account.

I am feeling this is so much of unprofessionalism that i am supposed to reply an Email of Equitas and wait for 3 working day ( provided tommorow and friday is Bank holidaY) i am supposed to wait until next tuesday to get the response .

Can the Niyox Team get some clarification on why its happening.
I have done no illegal transaction / no incoming Transaction from any out of country / No incoming transaction done via any unknown person . Then why is my account blocked ??

IS there an valid reason anyone from Niyox can give on this one rather than just stating to email to ?

Please only genuine replies in here,

Thanks and regards,


My niyox account has been freeze. I could not transfer my money. Tell me, i should I do??


Please upvote this post so that Niyox moderators can look at the post and update us with an official response from there end.


They are saying that which I saw in some post of social media that, if you have filled your income suppose 0-2.5 lakh while account opening and your last financial year transaction crossed the limit such as 5 lakh or more ,then are doing freeze by saying irregular transaction pattern etc etc. But it not justified at all and banks customer support is very worse.

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Hey, drop your mail here : with full details Reserve bank of india will check and will take action against them.


Hello @Deepak ,

I am not sure if you are the person Authorized to reply to this or i am not sure if you dont understand the Seriousness of this issue.

Can you realize such a stuff that hard earned money of a person is Not accessible because its freezed

you are just acting as an extended Equitas Support personal who says the same.

Tommorow is 14th april, Tamil new year and Bank holiday
Friday is Good Friday and Bank Holiday
Then its Saturday and Sunday .
So 5 working days means next thursday ie 20th April.

Untill then People have no access to there Bank account just becuase they choose Niyox by luring to the advertisements you guys Push During IPL.

First of All Do you have any answer to these Questions

  1. what there is no prior Notification given that Acccount is going to be freezed.
  2. if at all there is an Account freeze it should have been notified in Advance and given proper explanation before Freeze
  3. if Equitas is so much concerned about the incoming transactions to The Bank Account They should do an Credit Freeze not Debit freeze
  4. the Customer Care number for Equitas is always busy and doesnt answer the call even after an hour
  5. even after attending the calls they just say what you said about to wait but no one is understanding the seriousness of the issue .

You cannot expect your customers to be loyal if you are not loyal to them.
instances like this is too much unprofessional and doesnt suit an fintech company like Niyo.

Your competators can easily make use of this oppurtunity and gain customers .

Rest assured i will leaving teh GoNiyo community and This savings accoung once my Account freeze is sorted .

I have requested your Engineering head also to help via Linked in : See Akhil Subhash Naik’s activity on LinkedIn


In the morning today my account was working
I with draw all the money available in my account

Thanks to KPHB hyderabad Equitas bank branch officials they helped me in removal of the debit freeze in just 24 hrs

@ßhanu_prakash my also worked. I only sent email and they didnt reply too.but the account is working now

@Deepak Thank you for immediate help from your side and unfreezing account, now my account unfreezed.

Also many of others accounts are also unfreezed today.

And he assured that remaining account will be unfreezed in tommorrow batch so hoping for good of all us account holder.

Thanks for the help.

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Yes @Sandi! If the account is debit frozen, it is required to send the relevant details to the bank and upon validating, the bank will unfreeze the account. However, as we checked your account, it’s not under the debit freeze. If you are facing any account-related issues, please reach out to us and we are happy to help you.


Hey @Nilay_Rachchh @akhilsnaik @Rajarshi_Nath@Bhanu_prakash! We believe that your NiyoX account has been unfrozen now. You should be able to utilize your funds for your transactions. We are once again sorry for the inconvenience that you’ve faced.


I don’t understand why you people are saying to contact equitas bank for everything.

Close account contact equitas bank, account unfreeze contact equitas bank

Why should we contact? We opened with niyox , all services should be provided by niyox…if we have to contact equitas for each and every thing shouldnt we open an account directly with equitas( selfie account)??

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Kindly clear account limits for NiyoX so we will not face this issue again in future

My account is also frozen and there is 5 lakhs rupees in my account which i transferred in this bank account for medical reasons and now it’s blocked without any reason. My phone number is 6200866656 and mail id is it’s not ethical at all. Please arrange me a call back or do anything. I need the amount in a hurry. Please understand

My account is also frozen and there is 5 lakhs rupees in my account which i transferred in this bank account for medical reasons and now it’s blocked without any reason. My phone number is 6200866656 and mail id is it’s not ethical at all. Please arrange me a call back or do anything. I need the amount in a hurry. Please understand. I’m trying to reach you guys on call but no one is there responding. My whole day wasted still not resolution. Is there any branch here in patna of equitas bank ?

My account is freeze. I am unable to transfer money from my bank account. Please help me. Your customer support not pick up my call. I have an emergency hospital situation and my account is blocked without any reason. Please unfreeze it asap. I should have never opened this Bank. It’s very frustating.

Hi @Rohit_Kumar8 we’re sorry about the hassle. Please give us a sometime to reach out to you and help you sort this out asap. @Lucky @Deepak

Hey @Rohit_Kumar8! We always recommend you share your personal details via a direct message. We’ve tried to reach out to you on your number. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get through.

Our sincere apologies for the account freeze hassle. You must have received an email from the bank asking for a few details to unfreeze your account. The bank needs some information/clarification from you (the 6 points shown in the screenshot).

You need to reply to all the 6 questions and send the answer to (don’t reply to the email you received, send the email to Please send this email from your registered email ID (the one you used to create the Niyo Equitas account). You can also mention your name, registered mobile number, and account number. Once you send them your answers, the bank will review your answers. If the answers are alright, then Equitas bank will get back to you in up to 5 working days to unfreeze your account

If you have not received this email from Equitas or if you are facing any issues in sending your answers to, then you can send us your answers to us at and we will coordinate for you, with the bank.