NiyoX is running a bank or a social media website?

In last 24 hrs there are so many users whose accounts have been freezed by NiyoX and equatas bank
Social media is flood with same queries but there is no resolution on this issue
At least bank should inform customers before freezing customer accounts
Really worst experience
Regretting to have an savings account with NiyoX
Honestly anyone thinking to open an bank account with NiyoX kindly ignore, they even don’t have proper support via live chat or cc care
After getting freeze your account you need to roam around bank like an sarkari bank
NiyoX is scam

Not able to make any transfers may I know the reason ?

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Hey @ßhanu_prakash! Regret the inconvenience. :slightly_frowning_face:

Wish we could’ve helped you here. We are sorry to see your account is under Debit Freeze. You must have received an email from the bank with the reason for the debit freeze on your account. This debit freeze action is taken solely by Equitas Small Finance Bank. It could be due to irregular transaction patterns which is not in line with your profile updated while opening your account or some other compliance-related issues. It’s best advised to refer to the communication sent by Equitas on the matter.

To unfreeze your account, you are requested to contact Equitas Small Finance Support at 18001031222 on working days between 9 AM to 6 PM or send a mail to marking us in CC Rest assured, the support team at the bank will help you to unfreeze your account.


There’s no mail explaining the reason. Neither they replied to my mails

Visited bank for the same
My question is what NiyoX team is doing ?
Is your bank account is meant for doing transactions of small amounts?
Why you guys don’t tell t&c before opening the account?
U should say we are small bank we can’t handle big transactions

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We never said anything about doing transactions of small amounts. Irregularities in your transactions could be one of the reasons, however, as advised earlier, it is best to confirm the reason directly from Equitas Small Finance Bank.

If you have already visited the branch, we are sure that the Bank would have informed you about the exact reason for the freeze and the documents needed to unfreeze your account. Please provide the same so that your account can be re-activated. LK

Doing transactions in between 10 to 100 rs comes under irregular transactions?
Visit any Equatas bank you will find so many customers complaining same or visit twitter Equatas bank page you will find how many customers are facing the same problems

Bhanu, we are not saying that your account was frozen because of transaction irregularities. Only Equitas Small Finance Bank can confirm the exact reason for the freeze, and hence we are repeatedly asking you to share the requested documents with the bank to unfreeze your account. LK

The Equatas bank executives clearly said it’s under debt freeze due to transactions mismatch while opening the account

They suggested me to open an regular savings account directly with Equatas instead of using NiyoX with the same customer I’d etc will be transferred to the new Equatas ac

It means there backend team wantedly freezing NiyoX customer’s account and troubling the customers to open new savings account with Equatas

There’s some fishy going on behind kindly look into this
If this issue persists they no customer would like to keep NiyoX account and running behind Equatas for unblocking

This is seriously wrong crossing transfers of 5 lakhs in a financial year and account getting freezed is it a joke ?

Is the niyox account meant to keep chillar ?
If yes then will keep 100₹ in NiyoX who knows if I cross 100 again my account might get freezed again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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We will most certainly get this checked, however, for now, we request you to share the requested documents by the Bank as a one-time process. This will also ensure that your account is not frozen again for similar issues. LK

Is there any limit of Rs. 5 lakh in a financial year
, as said above by a customer, for which NiyoX account may get freezed or blocked . Want to know clarification about it from the team, as many users complaint about same as we see here.

You are true about niyox and equitas bank.
My account also freezed.

Branch visit helped you regarding this?

If niyox is advertising 7% intrest on 5 lacs and above balance then why should freez account if cross 5 lacs because it’s usual if you keep more Balance.

Im also regretting to open with such a fraud company like niyox and equitas.

I kept all my family savings in this account so we get good interest but seems like its now showing their true colour.

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Team , Its pretty much sad that Niyox has no idea on the Account freeze,
I have spend 40 minutes by trying to connect to Equitas Customer care and what they responded is wait for 3 working days after sending Email to Get there response on what can be done to Unfreeze the account.
Provided 14th april is Tamil new year and 15th April is good friday I can only Expect an Reply on 18th April which is Longer to have my account Freezed.
I guess its Best some one from Niyox Step in and understand why there is an sudden account freeze and Help There Loyal Customers to get past this hurdle.

Expect some official reply rather than just saying To connect with Equitas on this one.

thanks and regards,

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What did you send in email. Like what documents fo they demand. Can you please share this as it’ll help us too

Branch visit do help , they gave me Service request number, I have written a declaration that the transactions are done by me and not involved in fraudulent activities etc
Details about my work etc they asked

Already mailed to the bank

But seriously look into this

This is not the way to block/freeze customers account without there knowledge

It’s like an scam there are freezing accounts and using the money for some other things in the bank and troubling customers
For example this month they have block 100 customers ac each ac holding an minimum of 1000₹ bugs so 1000*100= 1,00,000 this much amount bank can use freely for loans and etc and customers getting troubled here

NiyoX should take the responsibility because we opened ac with NiyoX, we didn’t went to bank for opening account

Even NiyoX customer service team didn’t have knowledge about these things they simple say go visit bank or call cc care

Once you call equaitas cc care they will never answer you call if they answer there will be an wait time of 40 to 50 mins

Honestly NiyoX should clarify about the account and transfer limits


Can we do these online?

Send them mail

But visiting bank branch will be more effective

Hey @akhilsnaik @Nilay_Rachchh @Basudev_Maity! We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused due to the freeze imposed on your account. If you have already emailed the requested details to Equitas bank, then we urge you to kindly allow 5 working days for them to review and get back to you on the removal of the freeze.
We are constantly following up with the bank to get this sorted.



Ok I’m waiting because no other way.

but you should strictly raise issue in equitas bank and solve this issue on urgent basis.
we connected with that shit bank based on your trust so you are responsible entity to “resolve this on priority basis”

And also you should ensure that such kind of disgusting things won’t happen in future via equitas bank.

We are not thieves or smuggler that you blocked our Money without any permission.

“You should escalate this matter damm seriously with equitas bank and help your customer urgently”

You should think that how much trouble we are facing because of this.

“You broke the trust”

As a lawyer, I will also raise case in “RBI” because this is not legit thing to do with customer and will fight against all the entity involved in this scandal…

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Why no moderator is responding on the bank account freeze issue ?
So many people are complaining in page, social media and no moderator is responding or giving any sought or clarification ?

At least contact bank :bank: and get some clarification about this issue and fix as early as possible

NiyoX team show some ethics

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