NiyoX Equitas Debit Card

Is debit card free or are there any annual fees?

Hello @ameysawant
The debit card is free for now, I guess till the end of this year and after that, there will be some charges. However, it has also been said in multiple posts in this forum that there would be some waivers as well for the debit card charges.

@ameysawant @shikharmakkar
NiyoX debit card doesn’t have any charges for the first year as charges are waived off and is only chargeable from second year onwards but fret not as all charges are likely to waived off following certain criterion in the near future.

Hope this helps

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What will be that criteria sir?

Nothing has been announced yet but probably after a certain amount of spending the card charges will be waived

Thanks. Any idea when they will charge for the same next year? From January or April and it will be 150+gst?

@billubakra it’s probably gonna be on the date which card was activated and yes it’s ₹150+GST

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Please tag me when they release some info about this.

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