Niyox Equitas account

Does it chargeable for the card replacement in the Niyox Equitas account?
Actually I want to change it with the latest card which comes with 0% forex markup while I have older card with only chip while new one comes with the contactless features. So let me know how to order it and does it chargeable or not?

Hello Fellow Community Member,
To get your hands on the all new
:sparkles:NiyoX VISA Platinum ‘Tap & Pay’ Debit card :sparkles:, you’ll need to block your existing card and reorder for the new one. Stay noted that the card remains free for the first year if issued before 31st March 2022.

Zero Forex Markup is only valid upto 31st December 2021. To continue enjoying the same, you’ll need to maintain an Average Monthly Balance of ₹5,000 in any calender month

Sachin ツ

Hi @imdrdpk,

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Rest assured re ordering the card is free till 31st March 2022, so hurry! grab one NoW!!


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