NiyoX Debit card vs Niyo Global card

What is the difference between NiyoX Platinum Visa debit card with zero markup fees and Niyo Global card?

Are there any additional features Niyo Global card provides?

If I use NiyoX for transactions abroad, are the total charges incurred same as Niyo Global card?

Please answer, appreciate your time!

Hello @harikiran_gc
Niyo equitas card provides zero markup fees but going forward, it will be conditional. You would have to maintain 5k minimum balance to avail that facility. The card charges are Rs 150 +GST.
Niyo global does not have any such condition of minimum balance and the charges are Rs 499 + GST. There are other features which niyo global provides like live conversion rates. I guess you are charged Rs 100 + GST aa ATM withdrawal charges abroad.
Niyo equitas card also has a reward system, not sure about the niyo global card though.


@harikiran_gc adding to @shikharmakkar
Niyo Global comes with a signature visa card and would have features like lounge access in India and offers curated for Visa Signature while NiyoX comes with Visa Platinum card which is a little downgrade from signature and does not offer any lounge access


Any idea if the sbm visa signature card also has the book my show bogo offer? Indusind and IDFC have that on their visa signature cards but axis ace credit card doesn’t provide that I guess.

@shikharmakkar can’t seem to see it on the promotions yet but I’d say give it a shot on BookMyShow because if it works then there’s nothing better and if not then it was worth a try.

How to get free lounge access at IGK, Delhi Airport using Niyo SBM Card?
I am travelling to Canada from Delhi, so Is it completely free or is there any chagres for lounge access.

Hello @Ashish_Sinojia! As the Product is in Beta Phase, The airport lounge access isn’t enabled till now. Rest assured The Airport Lounge Access will be enabled very soon and You’ll get Notified About it . :niyo_community: appreciates Your patience.


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