NiyoX debit card not working on

Received NiyoX Debit Card today, transferred 1000 rupees to the account,
Activated the debit card
Checked wifi payment (bought milk)
Worked great!

Tried to register a domain on
Got “OTP” from the bank

“An error occurred while processing your payment. Try again later or with a different payment method.”

Tried to reach support on chat on the app NiyoX

The support said “Please try alternate payment method”
I informed the “NiyoX” is my alternative method

The chat was transferred through 3 support staff (I call them “they”)

Everyone (they) I asked them to refer to the previous chat!
After a while, I requested a call back
Finally got a call back from them (They)

This person too is justifying about the previous (they, them) having checked that the website only accepts “international Credit Card”

So Is NiyoX saying that “visa” debit card enabled will not work where “Credit card” only is accepted?

I currently have bought and own products from the same website
Are you going to resolve this issue? or blame me?

Never expected this!

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