Niyox Card not Working on Microsoft store 🤦

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I am not be able to use niyox platinum card on microsoft store. keep remember that I have already enabled International (Onboard) Transaction option. I want to purchase a software from microsoft but i am not be able to pay. I am getting the error, “We couldn’t get authorization for this purchase. Pick another way to pay, or contact your payment provider.” Why am i getting this error. I already enabled international (onboard) transaction.

Paytm Bank Virtual Visa card and Kotak 811 Debit Card working perfectly on Microsoft store for International Transaction.

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You need to check inside it, both Niyox And Equitas Bank.

You don’t know that you can get more customers after solving it and also remember that you can lost many customers if you not solve this. Many peoples comes here because you have given International Transaction online Payment options and if your card not working on Microsoft store and play store, then why are giving International Transaction option (Only for show ??)

Please check it, why your international transaction not working from NiyoX Platinum visa debit card on Microsoft store.
I am sharing error


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Yes, You Are Saying Absolutely Right, Same issue i am facing from Niyox Platinum Debit Card on Microsoft store and also on Playstore :disappointed:.

I have used paytm Visa Virtual Debit Card. It’s Working fine. Thanks you for telling about paytm debit Card. Now i Completed my purchasing on Microsoft store from paytm visa debit card. :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Just call Equitas customer care and tell them to enable international transaction

International transaction through Niyox Platinum card

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