NiyoX app says cannot open account digitally

Hey NiyoX Team,

I see a lot of folks has raised the same concern that after providing all details at the end it says cannot open your digitally.
If this is due to any restrictions then why dont you check the eligibility at the first place?!
Why this is being said after taking all details such as ph number, aadhaar number etc?

You can simply take pin code to check the eligibility right? Why are you asking for ph number and Aadhar number?!

Dont you think the way after taking all details you are denying the service is actually misleading and suspicious?

Please shed some light on this.


Hey @Naba_Kumar_Das! Welcome to Niyo Community!

The onboarding flow has been designed in such a way that the users need to enter a few basic details like mobile number and email, Aadhaar and PAN after which first-level validation will happen at the bank’s end and then it allows the user to enter the address details with pin code and upon further validation, if the checkpoints are passed, the user will be able to onboard for NiyoX.

Currently, we do not have our service in certain regions but we are constantly working to expand our services and as a part of it, we are trying to add new pin codes. Once we add the maximum pin codes to our service list, we’ll reach out to the users who were unable to onboard digitally due to service unavailability. Having the user details with us may help us to reach them personally. Please be assured that all your details are safe and secure with us.

However, we’ll take your feedback and forward it to our product team to see if we can make any changes.


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