Niyox account freezed

My niyox Account has been freezed . My family member is suffering from covid so I accepted multiple payments from relatives and friends but my account got blocked and now I’m not able to transfer funds. Please help and unfreeze my account as I need urgent funds.

Hi Deepak,

Regret inconvenience , can you pls share you contact details… will have someone reach out to you asap… Regards

Hi Deepak, I got your details and have passed in on to relevant team… someone would be touch very soon. Thanks for your patience . Regards

Please look into it. My family is suffering from covid. And in need of urgent funds. I’m not able to withdraw my own funds. I regret opening this account just for zero balance account. And now I’m suffering due to it. Please remove my freeze or close this account. Do whatever possible way And help me withdraw my funds on priority basis.