NiyoX Account closure requested but still didn't get any response from you or bank

I wanted to close the niyox bank account and applied for closure request in equitas NetBanking it’s been a week and still no response from bank regarding the closure and said that I will receive the link for video call and close of account but didn’t receive any thing what to do how to close the account

Hey @PRAPUL_BANURI ! Looks like there was a delay in the process as there were many holidays in the past week. Could you maybe try and raise a new service request for account closure?

P.S: It breaks our heart to see you go. Could you please tell us where we went wrong? Maybe give us another chance before you leave us.


It’s not allowing to raise new request it’s showing under process

Oh! Okay, in that case, request you to kindly wait until a representative from Equitas SFB reaches out to you.

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