NiyoX Account closure online

I think Equitas Small Finance bank has removed the “Account closure request” option from its internet banking website. How to close NiyoX account online? What are the charges for closing account?

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You can follow the below steps for closing your Niyo Equitas Savings . We recommend you transfer funds from your NiyoX account to any other personal account, before placing an account closing request.

  1. Log in to Equitas Small Finance Bank’s internet banking portal
  2. Click on ‘Assisted Services’ and choose ‘Account Closer Request’
  3. Select your ‘Account Number’ and ‘ID Proof’
  4. Upload the selected document copy in any of the given format .PDF, .JPG, .JPEG, .DOC, .DOCX
  5. Type-in the reason for ‘Account Closing’
  6. Click on ‘Proceed’

Post this, Equitas Small Finance Bank will get in touch with you for further confirmation on your account closing request.

Note: There are no charges for account closure.


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