Niyolympics 2.0


Just looking for some clarification on the Niyolympics 2.0 offer.

  1. If I have more than Rs. 50k in my Niyo bank account, will I get the passport holder and travel organiser? OR do I need to freshly load 50k into my account?
  2. What is the offer period?
  3. When will I get the rewards, if I am elligible for it?
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Hi @harshy.027,

  1. You need to make fresh transfer in order to become eligible.

  2. September 12th-20th.

  3. Will despatch gifts after 5 days once promotion ends.

This is what I have told by Niyo. Hope this helps.

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Hey Harshy! Please refer the offer T&C’s:

Hi Suryashashank,

Thanks for sharing the T&C document. Can you please clarify this line:
“Cash Withdrawals, Account Transfers, P2P transfers will not be qualified. Invalid or cancelled transactions won’t be considered”

How is one supposed to Load the money, if not via Account Transfer or UPI?

Harsh Rastogi

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It would have been great if Niyo can mention the eligible transfers precisely. People are getting confused by reading this T&C.

As already requested by other users please clarify what do you mean my account transfer ? Coz if it’s inter and intra(both) account transfer then only option left would be through UPI id. If only intra bank transfers is not allowed then please state that clearly.

@Niyo_Moderator Can we expect an update on this before the offer expires ?

Hey there! Please note, only one transaction with the amount of â‚ą 50,000 makes you eligible for the offer & the amount is reusable.

@Niyo_Moderator The terms and conditions clearly says account transfers are not eligible. Can you please explain what does it mean and what kind of transaction are allowed. Your reply was not much helpful.

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I have loaded 25k *2, since it didn’t allow me to load more than that. How are we suppose to load 50k in one go? Please clarify, since it’s very confusing and this reply didn’t solve the query.

Same issue here… Not able to add more than 25k in one go. This offer is useless then…

You need to neft/imps from another bank and deposit the amount. The maximum limit per transaction on upi is 25k.

Try neft/imps transfer from another bank and you will be able to transfer 50000 in one go.

The T&C says Cash Withdrawals, Account Transfers, P2P transfers will not be qualified. Invalid or
cancelled transactions won’t be considered

Isn’t NEFT transfer a form of Account transfer?

Hi @Akshay_Shinde

Many users were already raised these queries and Niyo is not giving a proper clarification on this. T&C are rather confusing than helpful. :thinking::joy:

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I think Niyo just copy pasted this particular tnc which was for some other offer in which spend (and not deposit)from the account was required as this condition would have made sense in that case.
Coz if you see even no cash withdrawal doesn’t fit right for depositing money but will make sense if offer was related to spending money.

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From what I can deduce, they mean to stash money from 12th until 20th September and the same shouldn’t be withdrawn or transferred to other account /P2P account. This makes a lot of sense !

Has anyone got any mail/information about the prize distribution for niyolympics??


Not yet ! Nothing announced as of now… Lets wait until this week and put a reminder for the same

Hi @Tousif27 @abyjosephbiju

Did you guys receive any email / sms regarding the despatch of gifts?