NIYO X virtual debit card not working

my equitas bank virtual debit card
of selfe account is not working
i have not completed the full kyc ,due to some pan card issues
but the virtual card is not working
i have enabled ecom options in both app and internet banking
although it say bank has blocked your card
please help me

Hi @Vayanak_Maut ,

As I checked internally you haven’t completed your onboarding yet, could you please complete the same so that you can use the product seamlessly, do get back to us in case of further queries.


dear mam why cant i use the virtual debit card?
it says we can use it with partial kyc

it states that we can use virtual debit card by partial kyc
but i am not able to use the virtual card which is my problem
do we need to perform a full video kyc for using a virtual debit card !

@Vayanak_Maut ,

No you don’t need to complete the full KYC but you do have to complete the onboarding process.

PS: We don’t have a video KYC process as of now.


Mam how to complete onboarding process?

Kindly download the NiyoX app and follow the steps to onboard yourself.


Dear mam
I have download the niyo x app and unlocked the card also…
But when i tried paying in aliexpress using the card . It says something like you have used card limit or something like that…
I will use it again tomorrow and provide you screenshot for detail understanding

I have already unlocked the card but still problem persists…
Please unblock my card from your end

I have already downloaded niyonx app and unlocked the card still not working mam

Hi @Vayanak_Maut ,

Could you please help us with your registered number / email id via DM?


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